10 Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

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benefits of quitting smokingA decision to quit smoking can be a challenging one, but it’s definitely an important step to overall well-being and having much better health. A lot of people claim that they smoke to reduce stress, but there are numerous healthy ways to manage stress, such as exercising, taking supplements, minimizing caffeine intake, and more. If you don’t yet know how stopping smoking will affect your health, here are 10 of the important health benefits that you are likely to experience.

1. Better lung health
If you want to minimize the risk of lung cancer and overall maintain your lung health, smoking cessation should be your priority. Shortness of breath is a problem that affects all smokers. According to the studies, your shortness of breath will be reduced in just two weeks after you quit smoking.
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Four Types of Prostatitis

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prostatitisThe prostate is a small gland that is vital to men’s health. It is situated below a men’s bladder, in front of the rectum. The function of this gland is to produce fluid that contains semen. When the prostate becomes inflamed, tender or swollen, you may have developed prostate problems called “prostatitis.”

When it comes to sex life, severe forms of prostatitis may cause erectile dysfunction. In milder forms, prostatitis may trigger painful ejaculation or decreased sex drive.

Prostatitis can have both bacterial and non-bacterial, acute and chronic forms. There are four types of prostatitis:

  • acute bacterial prostatitis
  • chronic bacterial prostatitis
  • chronic non-bacterial prostatitis
  • asymptomatic prostatitis
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Heart Attack: Prevention and Treatment

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heart attack preventionMyocardial infarction affects thousands of people every year. In the case of a heart attack, every minute is valuable, so you must be able to recognize its symptoms and call an ambulance. Every minute affects the quality of a person’s life after an attack, as well as the chances of surviving.

In accordance with the article by Neha Jadeja Pagidipati, ischemic heart disease is one of the main causes of death in the world. 40% of people die from cardiovascular illnesses, while heart attack accounts for about half of this figure.

Prevention of a Heart Attack
There are primary and secondary preventive measures. Both are aimed at preventing heart diseases. They include standard precautions such as more physical exercises, control of body weight, and getting rid of bad habits. In addition, it’s important to normalize blood pressure and lipid spectrum of the blood. Those suffering from angina and high blood pressure should also use acetylsalicylic acid – the best preventive method of a heart attack.
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Simple Ways to Control Hypertension at Home

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According to medical statistics, every third person suffers from arterial hypertension. Although it is not known for certain reasons why this disease occurs, physicians tend to believe that in addition to the hereditary predisposition, the person is affected by unfavorable factors:

  • Fast food
  • Excessive weight
  • Lack of physical activity

A combination of these factors can lead to the development of this disease.

What is hypertension?
Hypertension is a persistent increase in blood pressure. Direct combination of medicines and cardinal changes in lifestyle allows lowering the pressure and keep it at low levels for a long time. However, there is also non-traditional medicine, which also excellently proved itself. The combination of all the methods will lead to better health.
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How to Stop Emotional Eating and Lose Weight

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Daily challenges and emotional traumas dating back to the childhood may trigger the so-called emotional eating. People eat much (usually unhealthy food) to calm down and feel safe. A bar of chocolate to relieve stress seems to be harmless at first sight. However, once you’ve started managing the problems with the help of foods, you are almost sure to end up being an overweight or even obese person suffering from depression. So, you’ve already understood that comfort eating is not the way out.

There are numerous ways of coping with stresses and emotional traumas without food. All you have to do is to decide that you are fed up with such a lifestyle and set the right goal. We’ve collected some most effective ways of stopping emotional eating.
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Foods that Are Making You Bloated

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Feeling discomfort after a meal is not rare among people of all ages. Bloating is one of the most unpleasant feelings you may experience. However, there is a good chance to reduce it by choosing the right foods and avoiding those, which only add to the problem.

Bloating. What is it?
The sensations of fullness and tightness in the abdomen are commonly associated with bloating. In some cases, it may cause stomach cramps or severe migratory pain appearing in different areas of the abdomen. Quite often it may be confused with a heart attack or appendicitis.

Bloating may take place if you’ve swallowed some air during the meal or as a result of digestive problems. It may also be the sign of functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract or some other disease (e.g. lactose intolerance). Eating certain foods may also result in bloating.
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Signs of High Blood Pressure You Didn’t Know

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signs of high blood pressureUncontrolled blood pressure may be a life hazard as it may go without symptoms until the patient’s condition is incurable. Early stages of the disease are difficult to notice that’s why in the majority of cases people turn for medical help when their blood pressure cannot be normalized, but it can be maintained within the safe levels.

What is hypertension?
High blood pressure, or, in other words, hypertension is a health condition characterized by slightly elevated or significantly increased pressure of the blood on the artery walls. To measure the blood pressure, we take into account two figures: systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Depending on the results of the measurement high blood pressure may be divided into
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5 Complications of Obesity

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complications of obesityJudging by the WHO statistics, as of the year 2016, 13% of the world’s population were obese, whereas 39% had an excessive weight. Such figures give grounds to think that the number of obese people will grow with time. Having a body mass index higher than 30 (that’s the threshold of obesity) may provoke various health complications. They may be dangerous or even life-threatening. Let’s have a look at the most frequently met complications of obesity to know what to be ready for.

Wrong eating habits and lack of activeness are the main reasons for obesity. Nevertheless, both factors may trigger another ailment called atherosclerosis. It is an accumulation of bad cholesterol together with other particles, which form an atherosclerotic plaque on the walls of the blood vessels. This process makes the lumen of the arteries narrower thus increasing the pressure of circulating blood on the arteries.
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Back Pain: Possible Causes

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Our back represents a complex structure of bones, discs, muscles, ligaments and tendons that work together to support the body and make it possible for us to move around. A problem with any of these segments can result in back pain.

Among the causes of back pain there are distinguished structural problems, poor posture, strain and other medical conditions.

Structural problems:

A prolapsed disk. Each vertebra in the spinal column is cushioned with a fibrocartilaginous pad, known as intervertebral disc, which allows the spine to be flexible. When the disc bulges, it puts pressure on the nerve causing pain, weakness and tingling.
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Causes of Type 2 Diabetes

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Forewarned is forearmed. This saying perfectly matches type 2 diabetes. If you know what may cause this ailment, you will know what to do to avoid it. But some risks still remain. Let’s learn the primary causes of type 2 diabetes appearance to know who is in danger of getting it. 

All causes of the disorder may be divided into two groups: 

  1. Those, which are out of the human’s influence; 
  1. Those, which are the result of the unhealthy way of life. 

We’ll stop at each group in detail so that everyone can understand his personal risks. 

Natural circumstances that influence type 2 diabetes occurrence 

There are a few circumstances, which enlarge the threats of an individual to evolve type 2 diabetes. Among them are: 
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