The Best Diet Program For You – How Do You Decide?

The Best Diet Program For You – How Do You Decide?

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Finding the best diet program starts with reviewing what is available today – from the South Beach diet, Beyonce’s Lemon detox diet, the Atkins diet, Suzanne Sommers’ diet, as well as low-carb and low-cal diets. So how do you decide what is best for your needs?


The first thing is to never lose sight of your goal in losing weight. For example, do you just want to lose a few pounds and be able to fit into those slim dresses? Do you want to correct your eating habits? Are you doing it because all your friends are on diet and fitness programs?


Secondly, although all diet programs have common features and offerings, you need to consider your particular health and lifestyle circumstances before choosing one.


Commonality In Offerings


Most diet programs will offer diet and nutrition tips; meal plans, menus and recipes; tips on correct eating habits; vitamin or mineral supplementation; exercise and fitness regimens; weight management tips and tools; lifestyle tips; including the latest health and nutrition news.


If you visit online diet websites, you will find testimonials for the different diet programs available in the market, including advice from medical doctors and fitness professionals through online diet-talks or diet-chats.


Membership to an online diet program will even allow you access to online support buddies and online diet groups.

Deciding Which Program Is For You


Be mindful of your dieting requirements and decide which program can offer you the best according to your specific needs and preferences.


What are your short-term and long-term weight loss goals? How much can you afford? Are the required supplemental vitamins and minerals readily available? Have you got the time and the money to do exercise and fitness regimes that go with the diet program?


Are you willing to modify your lifestyle to meet the strict time demands of a dieting program which will require you to plan your meals, source vitamin and mineral supplements and do physical exercises.



Off-the-shelf, ready-made diet programs rarely work. The best diet program will not work for you if it did not consider your personal, emotional, physical, mental and financial circumstances. Find a diet program that fits your lifestyle, makes you happy, and fulfilled. It might even turn out to be enjoyable.

How About a Preview of Calorie Shifting Foods? Get a Free Sample of Calorie Shifting Menu!

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In last few years, many have heard of calorie shifting diets but do not know what it exactly means and how it affects your weight loss program. Here I will give you a brief sample of calorie shifting foods and how it can benefit you!

Yes, this has become a very popular and effective diet, and in so many things better than most of old style plans. Calorie shifting diet name, explains a lot about this diet. It is a system to shift your calories around causing you to lose weight. If done right, it will have great influence in your weight loss program and many other benefits which makes this diet a lot better than the old type of diets.

One thing you should know is, that with this diet, you actually eat more calories than with the other program, but even so, you are still going to lose weight. The food is not the enemy, it is what kind of a food you eat!

Calorie shifting diet changes your eating habits from the top and it becomes a new way of life for you. What is also very important to mention is that you will eat 4 meals a day with this diet. You will not be hungry because the calorie shifting foods that you do eat will keep you satisfied!

This diet works by the principals of burning more calories than you take during the day, and in order to do that you need to speed up your metabolism so you can burn a greater amount of calories than usual. Eating in small portions and very often during the day will help you speed up your metabolism, since when eating six times a day this will provide your metabolism with a lot of work and the more your metabolism works, the more you will activate it and the more calories you will be burning.

Review of the Foods You can Eat in Calorie Shifting Diet:
Cheese Lean Meat Fish Vegetables Fruits Cook on Olive Oil

And many others.

Basically, the way this diet is designed is to help you shifting calories and this in return will help you to increase the rate of your metabolism. Of course, other benefits like the fact that it allows you to eat all the food that you previously ate, there are some limitations though. But because you can shift calories, the process that includes taking more calories one day and the other less, you can eat chocolate one day and then the next limit the calories that you intake and lower the amount.

This avoids any opportunity of cheating the diet plan since you can still eat whatever you like not every day but still there is the possibility of indulging your senses. Other diets are harder to maintain since you may feel deprived of the things that your body desperately needs. In addition, if you are made to eat the foods you dislike, how long are you really going to stay on that diet!

And eating a bar of chocolate once in a while cannot be dangerous regarding your weight if you eat healthy ingredients like vegetables and fruit regularly. But having said all of this, the best of all is that this diet does not last for months, it is actually only 11 day plan while eating the calorie shifting foods that you like!

The Calories Shifting Diet Plan or Dieting Technique

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You must have heard about terms such as calories shifting diet plans or dieting techniques that might have sounded very complex to you. The fact of the matter is that these techniques are fairly simple to understand in terms of how they work.

This article will broadly outline the fundamentals of the dieting technique called calorie shifting.

What exactly is shifting calories?

Calories, if you didn’t know are the units of energy that you consume in the form of food. You might be consuming about 2,000 calories in a day and you might be using up only about 1,000 calories a day. This would obviously mean that you are consuming more energy than you can burn which will ultimately result in fat accumulation. The basic principle behind any fat loss diet plan is to consume fewer calories than what you use up or to use up more calories than what you consume. The former will focus on diets while the latter will focus on exercise and fitness to increase the number of calories that your body burns.

The shifting calories plan is a unique diet in the sense that it is based on the principle of confusing your body. For most people, the metabolism of the body is used to a fairly regular diet. The body knows how much you are going to consume on an average and it also knows what you are going to consume at what point of time. Since it is so used to your regular diet, the body’s metabolism will never change and you will never lose the excess fat that you are carrying.

What the calorie shifting dieting technique will do is give you a diet plan that will consist of a variety of foods that you would not have consumed before. The diet will constantly change up what you eat and you will never consume the same meal for about 10 or 11 days. This will result in the body’s metabolism working overtime as it tries to adapt to your new diet. It will not know what you are going to consume next and it will thus be on sort of a full alert. This will mean increased metabolism that will in turn increase fat loss.

Most people think that the shifting calories diet plan will be difficult to follow as it involves cooking up so many different meals. You cannot be more wrong about this diet. A good calorie shifting dieting technique will only give you meals that are very simple to prepare. The most work that you will have to do is visit the grocery store to buy readymade items that hardly require any cooking at all.

Some people see steady weight loss over a consistent period of time with this dieting technique. The best part about this dieting technique is that it does not require you to go on a diet that is quite close to starvation. Most people cannot deal with diets that require them to consume so little food that it feels like starvation. The calorie shifting diet plan will only change up what you eat and not drastically reduce what you eat.

Information on the Atkins Diet Program

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The Atkins diet program or the Atkins diet was named after Robert Atkin, who devised a plan for his own weight issues. He had tremendous success with the program and decided to write a book about it that instantly became very popular.

The main focus of the Atkins diet is the use of a low carbohydrate diet or a low carb diet. Through his research, he was able to link obesity and serious weight problems to the consumption of three bad carbohydrate items which were sugar, flour and high fructose corn syrup. He found that these three ingredients were present in alarming quantities in almost all Western foods.

He concluded that elimination of these ingredients or at least a reduced intake would result in significant weight loss. The Atkins diet program has had a lot of success over the years and it is still one of the most popular diet programs available today.

More information about the Atkins diet program

The Atkins diet has four stages to it, each of which is discussed briefly in the sections below.

  • The Induction stage – This is stage where people see the most amount of fat loss with this diet program. One can lose anywhere between 5-10 pounds per week. This is the stage where carbohydrate consumption is severely restricted. The diet will give very specific instructions about what carbohydrates and how much of it can be consumed.
  • The ongoing weight loss stage – This is the second stage of the diet where carbohydrate levels are increased to more healthy levels. The first phase is a stage where the carbohydrates are severely restricted whereas this stage will be a little bit more lenient on carbohydrate intake. Though the levels are increased, it will be maintained at a level where weight loss still occurs.
  • A pre-maintenance stage – This is another stage where the level of carbohydrates that you consume is increased again. This stage is largely dependent on how well the user or dieter is able to understand his or her body. They will have to stop pr limit their carbohydrate intake at a point where they are able to still consume it without gaining any more weight.
  • Lifetime maintenance – This is the stage where the dieter will use all of what they have learned in the previous three stages to manage their carbohydrate intake in such a way that they are completely in control of their weight levels.

The diet was extremely popular in 2003 and 2004 when it was estimated that almost one out of eleven Americans were on the Atkins diet. In 2005 however, Robert Atkins died after a viral infection and the diet lost a lot of its popularity after that. It still continues to be a popular diet that has a large following although a lot of critics have criticized the Atkins diet program as being too demanding and unhealthy for the user.

The diet also became unpopular as it was a very expensive diet to follow for most people. The suggested items in an Atkins diet were usually the more expensive items that you would find at a grocery store which was not something that all Americans could afford on a regular basis.

Why a Custom Diet Plan Will Probably Be The Wisest Choice For You?

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The fat loss industry is a huge multi Billion Dollar market that is full of diet plans, exercise routines, pills, potions and a whole host of other solutions. The reason why there are so many products available in so many different forms is due to the fact that fat loss is not easy. In fact, more people fail with their fat loss goals than people who successfully achieve their targets.

This is one of the reasons why you should consider coming up with your own custom diet program or a custom diet plan that will work for you.

Stop following the herd

There will always be a diet plan that is the most popular at a point of time. Just because it is popular and being advertised or marketed a lot does not mean that it will work for you. Every one has a different body type. Your weight problems might be associated with a hundred different things such as your lifestyle, your diet, your exercise routines, your genetics, stress levels, inadequate sleep and so on.

Following a weight loss plan blindly may not work at all. There is also a chance that it might work for you but there is definitely no guarantee. You have a much better chance of success if you sat down and came up with your own custom diet plan.

How can one come up with a custom diet program?

First of all, sit down and analyze your existing diet by writing down your meals over the past week. It might be difficult to remember but think hard and make a note of as many meals that you remember. Next, go Online and look for the calorie count of all the meals that you have had over the last week. Nutritional information is available all over the Internet and you are guaranteed to find the information that you are looking for.

Once you have established the calorie counts for you various meals, start adding them up to come up with an average for your daily calorie intake. Now, you will already have a very good idea of what is wrong with your diet. You will be able to see that a small percentage of items in your diet could be the reason for a high calorie count in your overall diet.

A custom diet plan would not necessarily mean that you have to start eating new meals. You might be able to just eliminate some foods in your existing diet that will make a world of difference to you. For example, you might already be on a healthy diet except for the daily consumption of soda which is nothing but bad calories that have long known to be associated with weight gain. Eliminating just this part of your diet or replacing it with water or a low carbohydrate drink might be enough for you to lose those extra pounds that you have been fighting for a long time.

In some cases, you will find that you will have to make some significant changes to your diet to attain serious weight loss. In those cases, you can scour the Internet for healthy meal ideas and come up with your custom diet plan that will be full of healthy foods that you will like. It could be a mixture of foods from a vegetarian diet or an Atkins diet or any other health diet that you might find.

Healthy Diet Plans for Your Good Health

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Most people are educated about a healthy diet as early as their school days. However, despite the constant reminders about a healthy diet, a large percentage of the population is obese and suffering from a multitude of health problems that are related to being overweight.

This article would just be like any of the hundred other articles that you might have read about healthy diet plans but we hope that it will give you enough of an incentive to actually make changes to your diet to make it more healthy.

What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is one that helps a person maintain good health or one that promotes good health in a person. A diet that is healthy would typically consist of a good combination of nutrients and water. A lot of people do not recognize that water is an essential part of a healthy diet. A vast majority of the population drinks less water than it is supposed to. It is generally accepted that a body needs about 3 liters or water every day to stay adequately hydrated and in peak condition.

Assuming that your water intake is adequate, your next area of interest should be the nutrients that you are consuming. A human body will need vitamins, protein, fats and carbohydrates in a unique combination. Most of the adults these days consume an excess amount of fat and carbohydrates. What is worse is that they consume more of the bad amount of fats and carbohydrates, thus selecting the worst possible sources of energy in their daily diet.

Bad carbohydrates and bad fats

There are good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates. The same applies to fats. Bad carbohydrates are high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar and examples of bad fats are red meats or fats that are high in saturated fat.

The reason why consumption of a bad diet is so prevalent is because the food industry is predominantly designed to suit the taste buds and not your waist size. The onus is on the user or the dieter to control his or her diet in such a manner that they do not increase their weight. This is however where most people fail miserably. They are so used to consuming junk food and following a poor diet that switching to a normal or healthy diet becomes a monumental task for them.

Anyone can greatly improve the quality of their daily diet by simply following the most important aspects to a healthy diet as shown below.

1.      Increase water intake – Try to drink at least 3 liters of water in a day and try to avoid other beverages at all costs. Soda especially should be the drink that you should definitely eliminate as soon as possible as it is full of bad carbohydrates or empty carbohydrates that will do nothing but add to your waist line.

2.      Avoid Trans-fat – Avoid foods that are high in trans-fat. Most red meats, processed foods are high in trans-fat. A healthier choice would be lean meats, fat from nuts or other sources of unsaturated fats.

3.      Limit the intake of plain sugar and try to use substitutes such as honey. Stay away from artificial sweeteners as they can act as a diuretic. Also, limit the intake of salt or foods that are high in sodium. Salt and sodium can make you feel bloated and feel sluggish, even if you are already overweight.

Though there are many different specific diets that can be followed, one would definitely be on a healthy diet plan if they even broadly followed the pointers given above.

Diets for Kids – What You Should Know About Healthy Eating for Kids?

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Diets for kids can be a challenge. It is estimated that about 15% of American children are either overweight or obese. The struggle is mainly due to the fact that they are constantly attacked with advertisements from food companies that sell snacks and drinks that are very unhealthy.

Most of these companies use clever marketing gimmicks such as using popular cartoon characters or characters that appeal to most children in their marketing campaigns. Kids thus collectively develop an affinity towards these products and it can be very hard to eliminate such products from their diet without having to deal with a temper fit.

However, if a parent wants to develop healthy eating habits for their kids, they have to be a stern and make some changes to the diets for kids. Here are some of the most important things that you should address right away as a parent.

Snacks – Instead of store bought snacks, try to go with homemade snacks. Popular store bought snacks will include chips, candy that are high in sugars and salts. A regular intake of greasy chips or sugary candy will most definitely make a kid overweight or obese. Better alternatives as snacks would be home made pop corn, milk shakes made at home, nuts and so on. These offer nutritional value in addition to being a healthy snack.

Beverage – This is one area where a diet can be tremendously improved. Most kids are in love with soda or other sugary drinks that are nothing but useless empty calories. Some drinks will contain as much as 10 teaspoons of sugar in them. They are extremely popular because they are heavily advertised and are obviously also tasty. Parents should at least try to limit the intake the soda if not completely eliminate it from a kids diet.

As you might already notice from reading this article, diets for kids is more about eliminating the wrong type of foods rather than reducing the food intake. It is not particularly advisable to make a kid go through a serious dieting plan as the growing body will need essential nutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates. Some diets are very restrictive in nature and are meant for adults only.

Here are some popular breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items that you could try to introduce in your kids diet plan and also get rid of some of their unhealthy meal choices.

Breakfast – Avoid sugary cereals and go for plain cornflakes, yoghurt, granola, milk or oatmeal.

Lunch – Try to have a good mix of both vegetables and meat with meals such as tuna sandwich, baked potato, macaroni with vegetables, and pasta with lean meats like ham and so on.

Dinner – Omelet with green beans, fish like salmon, chicken and vegetable casserole are just some examples of healthy dinners.

Snacks – As mentioned earlier, homemade pop corn is an excellent choice. It can also be fun to get the kids involved in the preparation process. Just do not use condiments like butter to ruin the snack. Other snacks will be fruits, unsalted nuts and homemade smoothies.

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight Quickly?

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Is Old Fashioned Diet Still the Answer to the Question What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

You’ve started a new diet or weight loss program a million times and still find yourself wondering: what is the best way to lose weight quickly? The Diet Solution Program will not only answer all of your questions, but it will show you that getting healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. This is a clinically proven program that has worked for many others and may just work for you.

Introducing Isabel Des Los Rios

She is an expert in nutrition and exercise and has over ten years of experience helping people just like you make healthy changes in their life. Clients struggling with serious health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes have turned their life around with Isabel’s help and guidance.

After 15 years of extensive research and study Isabel came up with a proven system that showed every day people the best way to lose body fat on very realistic terms. She started implementing the program with real people and saw firsthand that her program actually worked. She had actually taken information found in scientific journals and books and found the answer to that one question everyone seems to be at a loss to answer: what is the best way to lose weight quickly? The result is the best selling eBook on weight loss worldwide.

The Diet Solution in Action

According to Isabel, if you want to know what is the best way to lose weight quickly it is to follow tried and true nutritional guidelines that are contained in her book, The Diet Solution. She arms you with the knowledge you need to lose weight and get healthy. She even goes so far as to provide meal plans complete with required recipes and grocery lists.

In order to get healthy once and for all you have to stop dieting and make permanent changes to your lifestyle. Isabel shows you exactly how to do this without starving yourself and without feeling miserable and grouchy. She provides for you everything you need to know about what is the best way to lose weight.

The weight loss is actually not the most impressive part of The Diet Solution Program. The most impressive elements are the drastic decreases in blood sugar, the lowered cholesterol readings, and the complete elimination of indigestion and other problems with the digestive system. What is even more amazing is the overwhelming burst of energy that followers experience after following the program for only a short period of time.

What to Expect from the Diet Solution Program in Your Search for What is the Best Way to Lose Weight

The Diet Solution Program has a lot to offer:

  • Easy to follow directions on implementing her strategies in your everyday life.
  • Delicious meal plans that take the guesswork out of healthy eating.
  • Grocery lists that save you time.
  • Scrumptious recipes that prove healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or bland.

The amount of information found in The Diet Solution is incredible. It will take some time to go through everything and absorb all of the valuable information Isabel is passing your way. That’s why she had the foresight to include a Quick Start Guide which allows a quick entrance to your new life. She really does answer your question what is the best way to lose weight quickly.

Some followers have lost ten or more pounds just by following the principles in the Quick Start Guide.

The Diet Solution Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with The Diet Solution you get your money back. It’s as simple as that.