benefits of quitting smokingA decision to quit smoking can be a challenging one, but it’s definitely an important step to overall well-being and having much better health. A lot of people claim that they smoke to reduce stress, but there are numerous healthy ways to manage stress, such as exercising, taking supplements, minimizing caffeine intake, and more. If you don’t yet know how stopping smoking will affect your health, here are 10 of the important health benefits that you are likely to experience.

1. Better lung health
If you want to minimize the risk of lung cancer and overall maintain your lung health, smoking cessation should be your priority. Shortness of breath is a problem that affects all smokers. According to the studies, your shortness of breath will be reduced in just two weeks after you quit smoking.

2. Improved sexual function
Because of the way smoking leads to the narrowing of arteries, a lot of men develop erectile dysfunction. In addition to that, smoking can contribute to nerve damage that can also cause issues with erections. The problem becomes especially severe in those who have been smoking for several years. For this reason, those who want to maintain sexual function need to quit smoking as soon as possible.

3. Better senses
Some people may not realize this, but smoking directly affects your senses, such as hearing and vision. When you quit smoking, you have better chances of maintaining your hearing sharp. Besides hearing, smoking is highly damaging to your vision. Once you get rid of this habit, you are likely to notice an improvement of your night vision.

4. Better circulatory and heart health
According to the research, one to three months after you quit smoking, your risk of heart attack is decreased significantly. Your overall circulatory health will improve because you won’t be exposed to a dangerous chemical present in cigarettes – carbon monoxide. This substance is the one that can also be found in exhaust fumes of cars and its build up in the body leads to the oxygen deprivation, thus making your heart work in extreme conditions. If you want to prevent heart attack, smoking should be avoided.

5. Stronger immune system
The immune system is essential when it comes to fighting bacteria and overcoming health problems. When you smoke, your body is constantly exposed to various chemicals while your immune system has to deal with all of these poisonous substances that enter your body. Luckily, you can boost immune system once you stop smoking.

6. Estrogen levels
Smoking also affects the levels of hormones in the body. When it comes to females, their levels of estrogen and other female hormones can drop due to smoking. This problem is especially relevant to those who want to have children, which is why it’s important to stop smoking to increase the chances of having a normal pregnancy.

7. Lower cholesterol
High levels of cholesterol greatly affect a person’s health and can lead to numerous cardiovascular conditions. While just quitting smoking cannot eliminate the fatty deposits already present in the body, getting rid of this habit will reduce the levels of cholesterol that circulates in the blood. As a result, the further buildup will be slowed down.

8. White blood cell counts
Elevated white blood cell count is a common result of prolonged smoking. Fortunately, when you decide to quit smoking, your body can start the process of healing. After some time, your white blood cell count will become normal, which is important for your health.

9. Reduced risk of diabetes
Diabetes is a problem that affects a lot of people, but those who smoke are more likely to develop this condition. It is especially important to stop smoking if you are predisposed to this health problem. When it comes to those who already have diabetes, they will be able to keep their blood sugar levels in check much more effectively by quitting smoking.

10. Stronger muscles
Because smoking deprives the body of oxygen, there is not enough of it delivered to muscles. After you get rid of this dangerous habit, your muscles will become healthier and stronger. It will become easier for you to increase your muscle mass and develop your strength.