Forewarned is forearmed. This saying perfectly matches type 2 diabetes. If you know what may cause this ailment, you will know what to do to avoid it. But some risks still remain. Let’s learn the primary causes of type 2 diabetes appearance to know who is in danger of getting it. 

All causes of the disorder may be divided into two groups: 

  1. Those, which are out of the human’s influence; 
  1. Those, which are the result of the unhealthy way of life. 

We’ll stop at each group in detail so that everyone can understand his personal risks. 

Natural circumstances that influence type 2 diabetes occurrence 

There are a few circumstances, which enlarge the threats of an individual to evolve type 2 diabetes. Among them are: 

  • Race and ethnicity. Judging by the statistics, the representatives of certain races and ethnic groups are more predisposed to evolving diabetes than others. Scientists associate it with the metabolic processes and the quantity of insulin secreted in humans of different origin. Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Pasific Islanders, African Americans and a few other ethnicities have higher threats of type 2 diabetes appearance. 
  • Heredity. If the close members of your family are diabetic, your chances of obtaining this ailment increase. What’s more, children whose mother is diabetic are more inclined to getting the disease than those, who have a father suffering from diabetes. Speaking about twin siblings, in case one of them has diabetes, the other one is 50% sure to get the same malady. And when we speak about identical twins, it’s 90% of probability. 
  • Sex. Women are in bigger danger of evolving type 2 diabetes than men. Nevertheless, the indexes differ depending on the level of state’s income. In the countries with low income the ratio of women with BMI more than 25 is higher; hence, the quantity of women with type 2 diabetes is bigger. The situation is contrary in rich countries. 
  • Age. Persons reaching the age of 45 increase their risks of getting the ailment. 

Causes, which depend on the lifestyle 

Insulin resistance, which is the core reason of high blood sugar levels and therefore diabetes, may usually be caused by unhealthy way of life. Here are the major grounds of type 2 diabetes: 

  • Obesity. People with excessive weight are number one candidates for getting diabetes. This disorder has metabolism issues in its core. Overweight people have problems with metabolism, hence the probability of evolving the illness is huge. 
  • Lack or absence of physical activity. This factor contributes to gaining excessive body mass and as a result to diabetes. 
  • Bad eating habits. Overeating, consumption of fatty and junk food, and drinking sugar sweetened beverages lead to high cholesterol levels. It may also result in type 2 diabetes. 
  • Gestational diabetes. Women, who had this ailment during pregnancy are in high danger. As the pancreas failed being under the load, there is no guarantee that it will not fail again later.
  • Intake of certain medications. Some drugs may influence the level of glucose in the blood flow and the amount of insulin secretion. These may be cardiovascular pills (thiazides, β-blockers, statins); steroids (glucocorticoids); protease inhibitors; nicotinic acid (that’s why smoking is considered one of the causes) and some other medicines. 

Type two diabetes may be a trigger for evolving high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. 

Take care of your health and even if you have biological indexes, which may cause type 2 diabetes, you may decrease the risks with a healthy way of life.