Many people, who have set the goal to lose weight, keep the healthy diet, consume weight-loss products, and exercise a lot, but sometimes proper nutrition and exercise do not bring any results and weight loss does not happen. There are factors that prevent you from losing weight. 

Physiological Problems 

Physiological factors that prevent weight loss include various diseases, disorders or medications that are used to eliminate such problems. For example, polycystic ovary can inhibit weight loss, despite careful diets and exercises. Hormonal imbalance also prevents weight loss. Type 2 diabetes and heart disease are serious illnesses when not all physical activities are allowed. In addition, some medications can lead to extra kilos. 

The first thing to do is to consult a doctor who will determine if you have any diseases that prevent you from losing weight. Also, it is recommended to ask whether your medicines are the cause of excess kilograms, and, if they can be replaced with other drugs. The following drugs can contribute to weight gain: 

  • Some forms of insulin 
  • Tricyclic antidepressants 
  • Beta-blockers 
  • Glucocorticoids 

Pain and Sleep Apnea 

The most common mechanical barrier is pain resulting from arthritis, fibromyalgia, serious injury, etc. Sometimes such pains lead to depression, which also has a negative effect on weight. 

Sleep apnea also refers to mechanical factors that prevent weight loss. Recent studies have shown that apnea makes it difficult to lose weight, even if a person clearly follows the planned diet plan and regular exercise. 

To solve the problem, you need to get rid of the pain that prevents you from moving. A qualified specialist can precisely determine the cause of the pain and neutralize it. If you cannot lose weight, and you constantly feel tired and sleepy, it makes sense to be checked for sleep apnea. 

Psychological Factors 

Depression, constant anxiety, lack of attention, stress, the habit of not expressing your anguish, boredom, and other negative emotions also prevent you from losing weight. There is a theory that states that sometimes people unconsciously do not want to lose weight because for them it is a kind of shield that protects them from negative situations and people. 

If you notice that it is psychological barriers that prevent you from losing weight, psychologists, as usual, recommend making notes. Start a notebook, in which you will write down what you eat, when, why, and in what quantities. For example, if you reached for chips because it’s so much more interesting to watch a movie, ate two pieces of cake because it was a hard day, allowed yourself a pie to not offend the landlady, or preferred a salad because this will not prevent you from getting rid of extra pounds. 

Such monitoring of emotions and food products will allow you to better understand whether you eat because you are hungry or because of boredom and other factors that you can fight with in other ways. 

Food Habits 

You count the number of calories, do not eat fatty foods or snacks, but have you ever thought about how many extra calories you can drink. It’s not just about alcohol. Other drinks such as fruit juices, tea or coffee also contain many calories, especially if they are with sugar. So, do not forget about them when calculating calories. 

If you eat healthy food, but still do not lose weight, look at the size of portions on your plates. It is possible that you eat large portions of food. Do not forget that even if you eat healthy food, you need to eat it in moderation, otherwise it can lead to excess kilograms. Moreover, some food can make you bloated, creating an impression of weight gain.

Try to always find time to have a normal meal. You should eat at least three times a day. This way, you won’t eat a lot right before going to bed trying to fill up your stomach.