The importance of proper nutrition for men is beyond doubt since a properly created diet has a positive effect on the men’s health in general and is an excellent measure for preventing a variety of diseases. This is especially true for men older than 35 years old. The first step to proper nutrition is to create a balanced menu. It is not necessary to even visit a dietitian, you just need to know what foods are necessary to maintain your health and include them in your daily diet. 

Basics of Balanced Nutrition for Men 

A number of factors affect the health of men: 

  • Physical activity
  • Stress resistance
  • Satisfaction with personal life
  • Psychological state
  • A competently selected diet

The type and quality of food affects the nervous system, brain activity, heart health, appearance, the quality of sex life, and health in general. There are certain rules of nutrition, observance of which will positively affect the health of men:

  • Restriction of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are an indispensable source of energy, but their overabundance can cause weight gain due to adipose tissue, rather than muscles. Making up the menu, you need to focus on the inclusion of complex carbohydrates (cereals, wholemeal bread, honey, etc.) in the diet. It is recommended to limit the use of simple carbohydrates as much as possible (various pastries, bread from wheat flour, and sweets). 
  • Compliance with measures in the use of fats. The most useful form of fat that must be present in the diet of any man is unsaturated fatty acids. It is useful to include fish, legumes, dairy products, and various types of nuts in the diet. All these products contain Omega-3 fatty acids in their composition essential for the health of men. 
  • Eating foods high in protein. The need in protein foods is much higher in men than in women. Proteins are indispensable for athletes whose goal is to increase muscle body weight. Products with a high protein content positively affect the quality of semen and help prevent sexual dysfunction. In order to maximize the protein nutrition, it is necessary to include different sources of protein in the menu such as eggs, dairy and sour-milk products, nuts, and low-fat meat. 
  • Inclusion of fiber, a complex of vitamins, and minerals in the diet. The main natural sources of these elements are vegetables and fruits. Cereals are also products rich in fiber. Green vegetables, including cabbage, spinach, etc. are especially useful. The fruits containing elements necessary for men include apples, plums, citrus, bananas, etc. 

Foods to Include in Your Diet 

Here are the foods to include in your diet that will help preserve and promote health: 

  • Cabbage contains a lot of nutritional elements and very few calories. It gives a feeling of satiety due to the abundance of fiber, saturates the body with nutrients, and does not give calories. The antioxidants contained in the cabbage reduce the risk of cancer. 
  • Cottage cheese is a source of protein and calcium. 
  • Salmon is rich in fatty acids. 
  • Pomegranate reduces the risk of prostate cancer, which makes pomegranate an important product in men’s nutrition. The fruit also contains a large amount of vitamin C. 
  • Beef is an excellent source of protein and iron, which delivers oxygen to various cells of the body. 
  • Dates are great to eat after exercises. They have a high glycemic index (contains a lot of carbohydrates), which means that the use of dates will promote a faster absorption of protein by muscle cells.