In last few years, many have heard of calorie shifting diets but do not know what it exactly means and how it affects your weight loss program. Here I will give you a brief sample of calorie shifting foods and how it can benefit you!

Yes, this has become a very popular and effective diet, and in so many things better than most of old style plans. Calorie shifting diet name, explains a lot about this diet. It is a system to shift your calories around causing you to lose weight. If done right, it will have great influence in your weight loss program and many other benefits which makes this diet a lot better than the old type of diets.

One thing you should know is, that with this diet, you actually eat more calories than with the other program, but even so, you are still going to lose weight. The food is not the enemy, it is what kind of a food you eat!

Calorie shifting diet changes your eating habits from the top and it becomes a new way of life for you. What is also very important to mention is that you will eat 4 meals a day with this diet. You will not be hungry because the calorie shifting foods that you do eat will keep you satisfied!

This diet works by the principals of burning more calories than you take during the day, and in order to do that you need to speed up your metabolism so you can burn a greater amount of calories than usual. Eating in small portions and very often during the day will help you speed up your metabolism, since when eating six times a day this will provide your metabolism with a lot of work and the more your metabolism works, the more you will activate it and the more calories you will be burning.

Review of the Foods You can Eat in Calorie Shifting Diet:
Cheese Lean Meat Fish Vegetables Fruits Cook on Olive Oil

And many others.

Basically, the way this diet is designed is to help you shifting calories and this in return will help you to increase the rate of your metabolism. Of course, other benefits like the fact that it allows you to eat all the food that you previously ate, there are some limitations though. But because you can shift calories, the process that includes taking more calories one day and the other less, you can eat chocolate one day and then the next limit the calories that you intake and lower the amount.

This avoids any opportunity of cheating the diet plan since you can still eat whatever you like not every day but still there is the possibility of indulging your senses. Other diets are harder to maintain since you may feel deprived of the things that your body desperately needs. In addition, if you are made to eat the foods you dislike, how long are you really going to stay on that diet!

And eating a bar of chocolate once in a while cannot be dangerous regarding your weight if you eat healthy ingredients like vegetables and fruit regularly. But having said all of this, the best of all is that this diet does not last for months, it is actually only 11 day plan while eating the calorie shifting foods that you like!