You must have heard about terms such as calories shifting diet plans or dieting techniques that might have sounded very complex to you. The fact of the matter is that these techniques are fairly simple to understand in terms of how they work.

This article will broadly outline the fundamentals of the dieting technique called calorie shifting.

What exactly is shifting calories?

Calories, if you didn’t know are the units of energy that you consume in the form of food. You might be consuming about 2,000 calories in a day and you might be using up only about 1,000 calories a day. This would obviously mean that you are consuming more energy than you can burn which will ultimately result in fat accumulation. The basic principle behind any fat loss diet plan is to consume fewer calories than what you use up or to use up more calories than what you consume. The former will focus on diets while the latter will focus on exercise and fitness to increase the number of calories that your body burns.

The shifting calories plan is a unique diet in the sense that it is based on the principle of confusing your body. For most people, the metabolism of the body is used to a fairly regular diet. The body knows how much you are going to consume on an average and it also knows what you are going to consume at what point of time. Since it is so used to your regular diet, the body’s metabolism will never change and you will never lose the excess fat that you are carrying.

What the calorie shifting dieting technique will do is give you a diet plan that will consist of a variety of foods that you would not have consumed before. The diet will constantly change up what you eat and you will never consume the same meal for about 10 or 11 days. This will result in the body’s metabolism working overtime as it tries to adapt to your new diet. It will not know what you are going to consume next and it will thus be on sort of a full alert. This will mean increased metabolism that will in turn increase fat loss.

Most people think that the shifting calories diet plan will be difficult to follow as it involves cooking up so many different meals. You cannot be more wrong about this diet. A good calorie shifting dieting technique will only give you meals that are very simple to prepare. The most work that you will have to do is visit the grocery store to buy readymade items that hardly require any cooking at all.

Some people see steady weight loss over a consistent period of time with this dieting technique. The best part about this dieting technique is that it does not require you to go on a diet that is quite close to starvation. Most people cannot deal with diets that require them to consume so little food that it feels like starvation. The calorie shifting diet plan will only change up what you eat and not drastically reduce what you eat.